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Most resorts provide airport transportation for guests with a reservation. Motorbike taxi drivers swarm around anyone else who doesn't have pre-arranged transportation. Motorbike taxi drivers are always waiting at the ferry landing in An Thoi to commute passengers up to the hotels in Duong Dong.

Most of the island's resorts rent motorbikes. Virtually anyone with a motorbike can be flagged down on the island for a ride. Trips around town (Duong Dong) should cost no more than US$1. Negotiate with the locals. If you need a Honda om driver/guide for the day, expect to pay 100,000 VND in addition to a tip which will be "up to you". An additional 50,000 VND will be highly appreciated.

About 20 km separate Duong Dong and An Thoi. Do not attempt to reach the northern hamlets of Bai Tam or Cua Can. A general rule of thumb is to stay south of Duong Dong save for the 7-km stretch of beach north of town to Bai Cua Can Beach. The Vietnamese military controls the northern half of the island and will detain any individual attempting to reach the northern sector from Duong Dong on the west coast of the island or from Ham Ninh on the eastern coast.

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