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Vietnam Airlines offers daily flights between Saigon and Phu Quoc for about US$100 roundtrip. Flight time is about an hour aboard ATR-72 aircraft.


Ferries leave each morning just after sunrise from Rach Gia, a 90-km journey lasting approximately 12 hours. The cost for foreigners is 100,000 VND. Ferries leave from the wharf at the end of Nguyen Cong Tru Street and arrive at An Thoi on Phu Quoc. Honda om transportation can be arranged for the approximately 21-km (13 mile) journey to Duong Dong. Ferries are no longer available for foreigners from Ha Tien to Phu Quoc, as they arrive at the northern Phu Quoc island village of Bai Tam, which is part of a Vietnamese military installation. You'll be given a lot of excuses in Ha Tien why you can't make this journey, the most repeated being "for your personal security," as the ferry runs on the fringes of Cambodian territorial waters. Returning to the mainland from Phu Quoc, however, foreigners are permitted on daily ferries (which don't run during Tet) departing from Ham Ninh which arrive at Duong Hoa 5-6 hours later. The cost to foreigners is 70,000 VND. Although you'll be advised to arrive at Ham Ninh no later than 9 a.m., the boat won't leave until full (i.e. dangerously overloaded) which is usually about noon. Curiously, foreigners are not permitted on the ferry which runs back to Ham Ninh from Duong Hoa, weird.

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