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It's possible to walk in Hue, and indeed a stroll along the river is not to be missed. Biking is another good way to get around town, figure about US$1 per day to rent one - ask at your hotel. Cyclos are plentiful (and the drivers persistent). Be sure to bargain, the going rate is US$1 per hour. Taxis are also available; you'll probably need to call for one. The telephone number is 833-333.

If you're heading to the tombs, you'll need a car, motorcycle or boat. Hiring a car for the day is the best way to go for a group of 2-4 people. Same goes for a boat. Your hotel should be able to help arrange one or both. Motorbikes are also widely available. Rates are typically between US$5-$10 per day. Be sure to check the motorbike when it arrives and ask for a different one if you suspect any mechanical problems.

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