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You won't find any cyclos in Dalat, due to the hilly terrain and altitude. You can walk, but the town is spread out and you'll spend a lot of time finding your way around. Renting a bike is a better bet, figure about US$1 per day - ask at your hotel.

If you're exploring a lot, particularly the waterfalls south of town, you'll want a motorcycle. Rates are typically US$5-$7/day. Again, ask at your hotel. Another option is Honda Om, a kind of motorized cyclo. You should be able to find a guide/driver for under US$10/day. Look for one around the stairs near the market. You can also call for a taxi.

For longer trips, you can hire a car for the day. The taxi company charges 5,000 Dong (about 40 cents) per kilometer. Your hotel should be able to find you a car and a driver for a flat rate of around US$50-$75 per day.

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